What Is The Difference Between 220 And 240 Volt Outlet? The outlet. What does a 220 V outlet look like?220 V outlets mostly correspond to their plugs but there are some outlets that are able to accept more than one type of plug. This means that the 220-volt plug requires an extra hot terminal;these are conventionally made of brass.Another conventional feature is that the hot wires for a 220-volt outlet are colored red and black.The 110-volt outlet and plug, meanwhile,will only have one hot terminal where the wire will always be black. Across the United States,most residential properties use the 220 volt outlets.They are common for such home appliances and are the most powerful in that class.You would need such an outlet for such appliances as dryers,ovens,as well as other high-powered appliances that cannot run on the standard 110 volt outlets.